Opening Up to Life’s Little Treasures

Taking the Risk

When we take the risk to try something new we hope for certain outcomes to happen. No one hopes to end up a failure, embarrass themselves or just simply waste their time. Sometimes we get so caught up in our hopes and dreams, we forget to just experience and live in the moment.

Managing Expectations

Sometimes it’s Obvious

It’s the Simple Questions

It’s Difficult

Stepping Towards Growth

That’s what opening up is all about isn’t it? A bunch of small steps towards that one mammoth of a goal. It’s a bit cliché: A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

BIO for Jenai Lieu: Opening Up to Life’s Little Trasures

Read more of Jenai’s work.



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Christopher Lawrence

Christopher Lawrence


Christopher Lawrence is a Certified Master Coach Practitioner (CMCP), trainer and facilitator, and a passionate public speaker.